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Play Framework 2 – tutorials

October 18, 2012

As most of you may already know, I am a huge fan of Play Framework since 2010 (I remember when I discovered it and other colleagues I shown the demo laughed at me, not trusting this framework then, now I am sure they no longer laugh:).

Since 2011, I have done about 4 projects in this framework, mostly in my free time (what a pity that in 2010 I was not looking for a full-time job in Play… I would have been an expert now:). A few weeks ago, I started a new project in Play 2(check it here if you want), using Java (soon I ‘ll switch to Scala). Well, I just wanted to put down here some links to some great resources you may need to start with Play 2 quickly:

VIDEO: recording of James Ward JavaOne 2012 presentation, “Client/Server Apps with HTML5 and Java”



Have fun!!!

Ps: For Spring, Struts, JSF (even SEAM!) etc developers, a small advice for your future: the time has come to make a choice:)


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