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Deploy nopCommerce

January 5, 2012

I had a hard time to deploy nopCommerce from Visual Studio so I put here the steps found on a specific forum:

Publish the Nop.Web and Nop.Admin web applications to the same directory, as follows

1. Publish Nop.Web to the Published\Web\ directory.
2. Publish Nop.Admin to the Published\Web\Administration\ directory.
3. Publish plugins to the Published\Web\Plugins\ directory (you can compile the solution and copy \src\Presentation\Nop.Web\ into Published\Web\Plugins\ directory).
4. Select all the files in Published\Web\ directory and upload them to your web server.
5. Make sure the .dlls from Nop.Admin (Published\Web\Administration\bin\) are moved and exist in Published\Web\bin\.


From → Diverse

  1. Shekhar permalink

    Thanks mate!

  2. kiriz permalink

    Could you clear up a little bit the part where you should publish plugins? I’m not quite getting it.
    Thanks a lot

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