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Checkbox – skip validation on value changed

June 16, 2011

Back to a new post after some break…

This time with a very strange situation…Please note that this post can save you about 2 hours of headache if you have the same problem like me.

The problem:

I had an ice:selectBooleanCheckbox checkbox in my page. When I select it I want to show some hidden fields but this did not work because I also had two required fields on the same page so jsf PROCESS_VALIDATIONS phase came up…

I thought that putting immediate=true will solve this, but it did not…


The solution:

You have to play with jsf phases in your value change listener. In my case this is what I’ve done:

public void addDomainListener(final ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {
		final PhaseId phaseId = valueChangeEvent.getPhaseId();
		final Boolean newValue = (Boolean) valueChangeEvent.getNewValue();
		// skip validation
		if (phaseId.equals(PhaseId.ANY_PHASE)) {
			this.addNewDomain = newValue;

“Easy, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, when you already have an example… :)”


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