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Struggling with rowSelector and commandLink issue

April 7, 2011

These days I had a very strange issue in my web application where I use icefaces…

Basically, I have a dataTable and one column containing commandLinks. I also need a rowSelector on this table. Well, the problem was that whenever I clicked this commandLink within the datatable, after redirecting me to the new tab (my actionListener basically just changed the content of the main panel), the hourglass (waiting) cursor appeared in Firefox and IE.

After some time spent investigating this, I’ve came to the conclusion that, somehow, this click interferes with rowSelector’s javascript code.

So what is the solution?

First time I said… well, it’s a bug from icefaces. But, after some googling, I’ve discovered that rowSelector has a very important property: toggleOnInput. When false, this means that

rowSelection will NOT happen if you click on some other component (like a check box or link, etc).

Cool, isn’t it?

Thank you, icefaces guys…you are just awesome!


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  1. nate permalink

    Good find, you kept from throwing my computer off the 5th floor(roof).

  2. IcefacesCoder permalink

    Thanks man, very much appreciated. Keep blogging about this! Saved me quite some time.

  3. tobi permalink

    Thanks for the hint! Exactly what I’m searching for about 2 hours 🙂

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