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Some Eclipse shortcuts

January 18, 2011

Recently I’ve switched from IDEA to Eclipse and I needed some shortcuts to memorize asap:)

Alt + <- OR Alt + ->: Hop back and forth through the files you have visited

Ctrl + 1 : quick fix suggestion menu

F3 : Go to a type declaration (Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl down and click the hyperlinkedvariable or class)

Ctrl + O : Go directly to a member (method, variable) of a huge class file, especially when a lot of methods are named similarly

Ctrl + Shift + R: Open any file quickly without browsing for it in the Package Explorer

Ctrl + Shift + O: Organize imports automatically

Ctrl + Shift + G: Find references in workspace

Ctrl + H: search something

Ctrl + Shift + F: auto-format the code from current class

Generated code

  • Alt + S + R: to generate getters and setters
  • Alt + S + V: to insert method signatures for overidden methods from superclass or interface

Good hint:

In the project settings under Java Editor you can find Save Actions. This allows you to set up the project so that the code is automatically cleaned up and formatted when you save a file.


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